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Common problems and solutions when using Microsoft mailbox

The user mailbox continuously receives dozens of system bounce emails from different email addresses

1. The user mailbox has received dozens of system bounce emails from different email addresses in a row, but the user has not sent letters to these bounce mailboxes.

The user’s email account was stolen to send spam. Change the password to a strong password. After changing the password, you may still receive such a bounce email within 72 hours, because some spam emails sent are placed in the queue, and if they cannot be sent out, it will take 72 hours to bounce the email overtime.

2. Due to the theft of the mailbox, a large number of system bounces were received. So how to quickly delete these bounce letters? The fastest way is to POP3 the emails via POP3 ( for example, use Microsoft or foxmail to receive all emails locally), and set not to keep copies on the server. After the operation is completed, the email will be received locally and not retained by the server, and there will be no large number of bounced emails in the webmail mailbox. 3. Can the font of the mail menu interface be enlarged? The mailbox itself has no font size options. If you need to zoom in, you can use the browser’s built-in font zoom function. 4. After setting up the Microsoft mailbox, how can the incoming mail not only be stored in the inbox of the Microsoft mailbox, but also be saved in the web mailbox? Third-party application software such as Microsoft will delete the backup emails in the mail server after downloading emails. You can keep a copy of mail on the server by setting Microsoft’s following steps: Tools–>Account–>Properties–>Advanced–>Keep a copy of mail on the server.

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