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Undelete in Windows Live Hotmail

How to Recover Messages from Trash

      How to Recover Messages from Trash

When you accidentally delete an important email, the deleted folder still exists, right? But when no – no such information is left in the garbage?


Then there’s the safety net. Even after purging from the Deleted folder, Windows Live Hotmail keeps messages for several days. In a very simple process, you can restore these backup copies to the Trash and undelete messages you believed to be gone.


Undelete Messages and Recover Lost Junk Mail in Windows Live Hotmail

To restore messages deleted from the Windows Live Hotmail Deleted folder in the past few days:

1. Open the deleted folder in Windows Live Hotmail.

2. Make sure that the required information no longer exists in the folder.

3. Tap Recover Deleted Messages at the bottom of the message list.

4. Make sure you move – eg drag and drop – any messages that you want to restore from the Deleted folder to the Inbox or another folder.

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