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Contact information

  • Online customer service: webpage online customer service ( the icon in the lower right corner of the webpage )
  • Email:
  • Telegram: Account Shop) (Recently there are counterfeit customer service please pay attention to distinguish, see the picture below)

After-sales consultation

  • Before asking questions, please be sure to read the product description and the instructions for each major platform.
  • Provide the purchase order number, submit the account information of the problem, take a screenshot of the problem, environmental information (IP, language, time zone, etc.), organize it into a file (Excel, txt), and attach the reason for the problem. Be sure to leave a valid contact information (recommended to leave an email) .
  • After-sales, please make sure that your order is within the after-sales rules. For specific after-sales rules, please check the details page of each product ( after-sales issues ). After-sales services outside the after-sales rules will not be accepted. Thank you for your understanding!
  • The customer service may not be online all the time. After being online, all feedbacks will be processed as soon as possible. If you fail to provide timely feedback, please wait patiently for a certain period of time. Thank you for your understanding!

service agreement

  1. This site does not operate/provide/register any (Chinese) technology platform account business.
  2. All accounts on this site are global (non-Chinese) technology platform accounts, which cannot be used in China, and customers in this area should not purchase.
  3. The products on this site are virtual card and encrypted products; once sold and the accounts are in line with the product description, there will be no refunds or refunds, and the sold accounts will not be recovered; if you do not agree, please do not buy, thank you for your understanding.
  4. This site is only for the registration of foreign technology platform accounts. The ownership of the account belongs to the official website of the account, and the use must abide by the rules of each technology platform; we only guarantee that the account password is correct and conforms to the product description.
  5. All accounts on this site are normally registered by major foreign technology platforms; all accounts do not contain any real-name information; if the technology platform requires real-name authentication/mobile phone authentication, etc., please complete personal real-name information by yourself;
  6. Please keep the card code information of purchased products properly. All products are guaranteed for the first time. This site has no obligation to keep them. This site regularly cleans up account information; in addition, this site does not provide any product use consultation (thank you for your understanding).
  7. After-sales, please ensure that you comply with the after-sales rules of the product ( see the product page – after-sales instructions for details ), and provide after-sales feedback within the specified time after the sale; for all problems caused by the use of products outside the after-sales rules, we are not responsible for after-sales (thank you for your understanding).
  8. Please log in and check the use of the email account as soon as possible after purchase. If the purchase exceeds the after-sales time , it will be used by default. Any problems caused by use will not be after-sales; use self-test, not including long-term login; if you use it for a period of time, there will be a ban or other The problem is at your own risk, not responsible for after-sales.
  9. After-sales does not provide any technical/method guidance . After-sales service only checks whether the email account is valid for the first time. After-sales service does not include various problems encountered after using the email account. If you encounter any problems, please read the instructions on each official website by yourself (thank you for your understanding).
  10. After the customer pays and picks up the goods, in order to ensure safety, please change the password and password protection information and other information that can be modified. During the after-sales period, if there is a problem with the account login, only the problematic account will be returned, and no after-sales will be provided for the problematic account caused by the use of the account.
  11. Please use the purchased account legally. The buyer shall bear all the consequences and legal responsibilities for the consequences of illegal use. This site does not assume any legal and joint liability! .
  12. It is strictly forbidden to use the account purchased on this site for any illegal purposes! These include: (fraud information promotion, illegal information promotion, pornography, gambling, drugs, etc., and any other illegal purposes).
  13. It is strictly forbidden to use any account on this site for any marketing, group sending, letter sending, or Chinese business. Customers of this type of business are not allowed to buy. Once found, the account will be banned immediately; it can only be used for games, e-commerce, foreign trade, registration and receiving, etc. Normal and legal personal use.
  14. Accounts sold on this site can only be used for personal formal legal business. It is strictly forbidden to use this site to purchase accounts for illegal purposes. Please abide by the laws and regulations of various countries and regions.
  15. All products on this site are prohibited from being purchased by underage users. If you do not meet the legal age of majority in each country, please leave consciously. Thank you for your understanding.
  16. For users who purchase on this site, once this site is found to be used for illegal purposes, this site will fully cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on it!
  17. Unless you have fully read, fully understood and accepted all the terms of this agreement, otherwise you have no right to purchase the products and use the services of this site. If you click to agree, or you use the services of this site, or accept this agreement in any other express or implied way, you are deemed to have read and agreed to sign this agreement. This agreement is legally effective between you and this site, and becomes a legal document binding on both parties.
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