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How to avoid bans, frequent bans, and batch bans?

Some buyers often encounter the problem of account ban, and then say that there is a problem with the account, or there is a problem with the mobile phone number, etc., and various complaints. Today, we will summarize some possible reasons for the account ban.

Title reason 

       Some buyers often encounter the problem of account ban, and then say that there is a problem with the account, or there is a problem with the mobile phone number, etc., and various complaints. Today, we will summarize some possible reasons for the account ban. However, many novices don’t understand what a clean IP is, and then they say that they have been banned without doing anything. Once domestic users use the ladder, various problems may arise. Sometimes it’s not that you violated the rules, but that you and You use the same node IP of the same ladder to violate the rules, so you are also implicated. So if you can accept the title, buy it, if you can’t accept it, don’t buy it, no matter how much I tell you, it’s useless if you don’t understand it!

      We strongly recommend that you log in to various accounts to achieve one machine, one number, one IP. If you log in to various accounts in large numbers, you must use a ladder circumvention tool with millions of IP agents, log in to the account in incognito mode, and change the IP. After clearing the cache, log in to the new account. If you are using the airport node, be sure to change the node frequently, because one node of the airport node corresponds to one IP, and if there are too many accounts logged in with one IP, various exceptions will occur, and various verifications will occur. To put it bluntly, The airport node is something that thousands of people ride. It is not clean. If you want to have a stable account and not easy to be blocked, use an exclusive IP. Otherwise, you must be able to accept the risk of losing the account. There is no better way, and I hope it will not It’s so frequent, but I can’t control it, it’s really helpless!

Others said that we maliciously blocked his account, and I was dizzy. For your own account, such as Twitter, you can change the password, email, and mobile phone number yourself, and others cannot log in; the same is true for Telegram accounts . Set up the two-step verification code by yourself. Even if others can receive the verification code, they will not be able to log in to your account, so everyone has a little common sense, and it is not easy. I will not damage my reputation for a few dollars, but there are some problems that I cannot control. Please understand more.

1. Google Gmail account:

There are two common problems with Google

1. One is that there is an abnormal login prompt, which requires mobile phone verification. In this case, you can find a foreign mobile phone number to receive the verification code and verify it. This kind of situation is usually caused by the login IP is not clean, or it is caused by frequent switching of IP in a short period of time during use.

2. Another situation is that there may be multiple account associations, or it is suspected that a certain program is disabled due to creation. This situation may be caused by not changing the IP when registering, resulting in a large number of registered accounts with the same IP, or it may be the buyer himself. It is caused by a large number of login accounts on the same device and IP. We generally recommend that one IP can log in to 3 accounts at most, then change the IP, clear the cache (preferably log in in the incognito mode), and then log in to the new account.

2. Twitter account

1. What often happens on Twitter is that the login is abnormal. It prompts that you need to go to the mailbox to receive the verification code or the bound mobile phone to receive the verification code, and it also prompts Google robot verification. This situation is usually due to IP abnormality, or it is safe to log in to the system with a new device. As a result of the detection, the new account can usually go to the mailbox or mobile phone to receive the verification code. The old account may not receive the verification code because the mailbox has not been used for a long time. At this time, you can use the forgotten password method to send the email verification code. way to log in.

2. Twitter will also pop up a prompt that you need to bind your mobile phone number to log in. This is also due to abnormal IP, or frequent switching of IPs in several countries within a short period of time. The system needs you to verify that it is not safe. In this case, use Binding verification of foreign mobile phone numbers can be solved, but Chinese mobile phone numbers often fail to receive verification codes.

3. Twitter prompts that the account has been frozen. This situation is definitely a violation. As for the violation, what can be said is not good, it may be suspected of fanfare, it may be retweeted, followed, and liked a lot, the profile picture may violate the regulations, and the post label may violate the regulations. It’s not clear, it’s also possible that other nodes on the same reasonable network violate the rules, and your account will be banned. In short, if you don’t violate the rules, the Twitter system will not ban your account for no reason, it’s just the reason.

3. Facebook , Instagram, WhatsApp

1. These three apps are all owned by Facebook, and their accounts are also very serious. Especially Facebook , many people will be prompted to upload their ID card photos for verification when they log in, or they will be prompted to be disabled, so I advise novices to get it wrong Know what is a million IP agent, what is a family IP, don’t buy an exclusive IP, if you don’t have time and spare time to give you science, and you won’t think I’m cheating you with a high-quality account, if you don’t buy it, everyone will be safe No problem, the website listing is only for foreign trade promotion veterans, thank you!


2. Instagram often has abnormalities that require mobile phone number binding verification. After the mobile phone number binding verification, it prompts that it needs to be reviewed for 24 hours. Account and real information, there is no better way to prevent account banning.


3. WhatsApp is also an APP owned by Facebook. It is relatively stable, but the IP is not good enough and it is often blocked in seconds. After registering and submitting, enter the verification code, and immediately pop up a prompt that your account has been logged in elsewhere, etc., which means you have been blocked. . Many people seek to register with Singaporean and Indian numbers, claiming that it is anti-blocking. Personally, I think that the blocking has little to do with the mobile phone number of any country. Is this app particularly tolerant of accounts registered with mobile phone numbers in certain countries? Not necessarily! If so, try to find the numbers of these countries that you think are not easy to block and try to register.

How to refer without an Instagram account yet: IG Buy .

4. Telegram

This APP is widely used, and the number is also very frequently blocked. Many people bought a lot of numbers at one time to register with the code. After two days, they came back and said that the batch was lost. It’s a problem with the number. I want to say that if you submit the number, you will be prompted for the number. If you are banned, then it is a problem with the number. If you are prompted to be logged out after you have registered and logged in, and then you log in and you are prompted that the number is banned, this must be caused by your batch registration and login. A large number of registrations and login accounts with the same IP and the same device. caused by the title. To put it bluntly, if you don’t register with TG, this mobile phone number is just an ordinary mobile phone number. If the title is related to the mobile phone number, then can you talk about the reason? Bad numbers? Or is the combination of numbers bad? If the number has been used, there are signs of use, etc., it can be replaced, so please have a little common sense, find more information and make up your mind, don’t make trouble for no reason, everyone is very busy.

In a word, being banned is because you violate the usage rules of the APP platform or website, but you don’t know what you violated. The common violations are mass registration and login, powder painting, comments, advertisements, etc. Try to use ladder nodes with fewer people, fixed equipment, and fixed IP. Using other people’s websites or APP accounts has the risk and possibility of being blocked. Unless it is your own platform or website, you can’t accept the risk of possible blocking and just don’t buy it, or just register yourself.

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