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How to change the password after purchasing Google Mail?

There are various Google Voice account protection tutorials circulating on the Internet, but most of the methods are misleading. In fact, the safest way to protect your number is to follow Google’s official recommendations.

Many small partners’ Google mailbox accounts are purchased through channels, so how to change the password of the purchased Google mailbox ? How to modify the default random Gmail password to make our account more secure and stable? Today, the editor of China Post Technology will take you to find out.

Part 1: How to change your Google Mail password if you forget your email password
In many cases we just forget the login password of Gmail, but how to change the password of Gmail in the current situation? 
If you want to change or reset your Gmail password, you need to follow the steps below to set a new password,
1. In MyCAD, click the software to update the Gmail account and support the release service reminder on the page.
2. You need to enter the email address we use to log in to Google Mail, and click Next.
3. Google will verify whether this account belongs to you through a question, including “enter the last password you remember”, “use SMS or phone verification code”, “retrieve email”.

Part 2: know the password how to modify Gmail to reset the password.
Now we need to turn to another situation of “How to change Gmail password”. If you know the password but want to reset the Gmail password for security or other reasons, you can quickly change the Gmail password according to the following tutorial.
1. Log in to your Gmail account, then click the gear icon in the upper right corner and click “settings” in the drop-down menu.
2. Click the “Accounts and lmport” tab at the top.
3. Click “Change password”. 

Then, the system will prompt you to enter the current password and the new password.
(1) When changing the Gmail password, please make sure that the Gmail password we reset meets Google’s requirements.
(2) For users who use Gmail on Android phones or iPhones. 
You can also change your Gmail password online. 
Sign in Gmail on Android 
Chrome or Safari, then you can follow the similar steps to change Gmail account on Android/iPhone.

Part 3: Tips on How to Change Your Gmail Password
In order to ensure that your Gmail account is safe, we recommend that you change your Google Mail account password regularly. When you decide to reset your Gmail password, please make sure that the Gmail password you reset is safe. 
Here are some tips for creating a secure Gmail password:
Use a unique Gmail password that is different from your other accounts.
Mix letters, numbers, and symbols in your Gmail password.
Do not use personal information or common words as passwords.
Make sure your backup password options are up to date and secure.
Do not back up your emails before changing your Gmail password, as you will not receive emails from your old Gmail account.
Forgot to backup your email? 
Just resume email click here.
1. If you can complete one of the above-mentioned questions, you can directly enter the Gmail account. 
After logging into your Gmail account, you can also try changing or resetting your Gmail account. 
Google will ask you to enter an email address, which you will now be able to check to verify your identity, with instructions to restore your Gmail account at that location. 
Whether you want to reset your Gmail password or change your Gmail password, you can use this method.

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