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How to deal with the prompt to change the password of Google account Gmail mailbox that requires the verification code of the mobile phone device

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When changing the password of Google Mail account and GMail mailbox, it always prompts that the verification code of a certain mobile device is required. How to deal with this problem?
This situation occurs mainly because your VPN proxy IP is not clean. Generally, a clean IP does not prompt the device verification code, especially when logging in with a third-party client, such as Netease Mailbox Master, QQ Mailbox, etc. The client comes with a VPN that can be used by thousands of people, and the IP has long been used up.
So how do you deal with it?
First, switch to a cleaner IP to log in. What kind of IP is considered clean? The only criterion for checking whether the IP is clean is to log in with several numbers to see if there is any abnormality, because as long as it is a VPN, many people may use it, unless you are abroad and have a home IP. Secondly, log in to the Google website   and click account management, as shown below:

After logging out of this mobile device, if you change the password again, you will not be prompted for a device verification code. Of course, if you fail to log out of the mobile device, you will be prompted to change the password. If you click Change Password, you will still be prompted for the device verification code.
In this case, even if it is scrapped.
So high-quality IP is very important~~~~~~~
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