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At present, Google is gradually strengthening the review of Google account and Gmail registration. It is basically difficult for domestic mobile phones to register, or they are told that there are risks after registration, and they cannot be accessed normally.
Many accounts have provided a batch of Gmail accounts registered overseas for a long time, registered in Hong Kong/USA , 
no need for mobile phone verification, and can be used immediately after login.
Precautions for purchasing Gmail :
Before logging in, you must first open Science Internet, Google account cannot log in directly in China.
The new account can send letters normally, can be used for all Google businesses, account information can be modified, and supports binding domestic mobile phone numbers 24-hour automatic delivery on this website, 100% free of mobile phone number verification, you can log in directly Please be sure to fill in your email address when purchasing, and the account password will be sent to the email you filled in in the form of (account: password: XXXXXX auxiliary email
If you don’t see it in the normal mail, please check the spam, or return to this product page to check
After logging in, please change the account password, auxiliary email address, and bind your personal mobile phone for verification as soon as possible. It is recommended to complete the above operations on the computer

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