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One Month Old Gmail

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Account description:

  • A high-quality artificial account of Google Mail (not bound to a mobile phone) that is more than 1 month old.
  • The region created is random and the accounts are not associated with each other, the use is stable, and the usage is self-tested.
  • All accounts have been strictly tested and can be used normally, and new accounts will be added every day, please rest assured to buy .
  • The price of bulk purchase is more favorable. Before purchasing a large amount, it is recommended to purchase a small amount for testing.
  • Card encryption format:—-XXXXXXXX— account—-password—-auxiliary email ( for login confirmation input )
  • Login URL:  (including official login, third-party login, no after-sales service)
  • Because it is an old account, part of it has traces of use, which conflicts with your business, please contact customer service for a replacement.

Note :

    • After logging in, it is displayed that if the account is safe, you must  choose to operate it yourself .
    • When you log in, mobile phone verification appears, please enter your mobile phone number for verification (recent Google rule adjustments are prone to mobile phone verification).
    • Note that the use environment is pure and stable, change IDs and IPs to clear cookies, do not use Wanqi IP, and do not use a single IP in batches.
    • When logging in, if you do not confirm the recovery email option (at this time, Google thinks your environment is at risk), you should change the IP to log in.
    • When logging in, after entering the account password, if there are multiple options: accept the verification code through xxxx; use a computer to log in; confirm the recovery email; please choose to  confirm the recovery email , and enter the recovery email after the jump to log in; (see the picture below)

After-sales problem :

  • It is the first time to log in to Google Mail. If you cannot log in, it will be replaced. Please rest assured to buy.
  • The third-party platform uses Google to log in, and the failure to log in has nothing to do with the Google mailbox itself. It only guarantees that the mailbox itself is available, and does not provide after-sales service. (The three parties will have various requirements for the attributes of Google Mailbox, and it is normal for some platforms to fail to log in).
  • If there is a problem with the first login account, please contact customer service after-sales.
  • The risk control caused by use will not be sold after sale (sending and receiving emails, changing passwords, multiple logins with a single IP, etc.).
  • If multiple account logins fail consecutively, check whether the environment (IP, fingerprint features) is polluted.
  • After-sales time: 24 hours (please log in to test as soon as possible after purchase)

Other matters :

You can only log in to one mailbox with one IP, and you need to use foreign-foreign-agent-agent-IP-log-in-land. If you change your IP or device and log in for the first time, you will be given a supplementary number if the account does not exist. Log in to the game and hang up – the mobile phone verification will not make up the number. Mainly use the foreign IP login of the official website, excluding auxiliary tool login, such as NetEase Mailbox Master, etc. Try to change the password for the first time to prolong the life and security of the mailbox in the later period.


  • Please use the purchased account legally, and the buyer shall bear all the consequences and legal responsibilities for the consequences of illegal use.
  • All accounts on this site are normally registered on behalf of the major platform websites. The account ownership belongs to the major platforms, and the use must abide by the rules of the major platforms.
  • Please keep the card code information of purchased products properly; this site regularly clears the card code information; after-sales service is required, please sell within the specified time after the product is sold; this site does not provide any consultation on the use of products, please read the instructions on the official websites by yourself.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use any account on this site for any marketing or domestic business. Customers of this business should not buy it. Once found, the account will be blocked immediately; it can only be used for other normal personal purposes such as games, e-commerce, registration, binding, and receiving business.
  • Accounts sold on this site can only be used for formal legal business. It is strictly forbidden to use this site to purchase accounts for illegal purposes. Please abide by the laws and regulations of various countries and regions. Any purchase means compliance with this clause and all the above clauses.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use the account purchased on this site for any illegal purposes! These include: (fraud information promotion, illegal information promotion, pornography, gambling, drugs, etc., and any other illegal purposes).
  • For users who purchase on this site, once this site is found to be used for illegal purposes, this site will fully cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on it!

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1-month-old-gmailOne Month Old Gmail
Price: Original price was: $0.35.Current price is: $0.22.

Availability: 12771 in stock

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